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Stamford Fencing is voted the Best Fencing Club Join fencing community start fencing today Learn from the top International and Olympic Fencing Coaches Fencing saber is fore fun for kids than foil Fencing saber is fore fun for kids than foil Fencing saber is fore fun for kids than foil Stamford Fencing Center is the top fencing club

fencing lesons"My coach is awesome! He has helped me improve my stamina and fencing skills. Since joining SFC, I have competed in several high level competitions and scored very respectably against some top rated fencers. I highly recommend SFC to anyone who is serious about improving his or her fencing skills." Adam E.

fencing coach"My kids love it. They have the best coaches. I asked around and was pleasantly surprised by how highly they were regarded by other fencing clubs. I'm glad I found them and would recommend to everyone." Dan P.

fencing coachFencing is amazingly safe sport. It is even safer than Ping-Pong according to University of Oslo study.
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rencing classes
Look cool in fencing uniform.
Make new friends.
Hit friends with sword and they would not even get mad.
Get a good workout.
Compete for high school varsity team.
Have fun while moving.
Compete for a college team.
Be able to fight off zombies.
Compete at national level.
Develop focus, determination, agility, and self-esteem.
Have a wold-class professional fencer as my coach.
Win lots of medals.
Compete at international competitions.
Be a part of full-time, sanctioned, professional fencing club.
Be smarter, happier person.

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Graduates of the top european fencing school, Oleg, Alex, and Andrey collectively amass almost a century of professional fencing experience. More ...
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saber fencing for kids book
We published "Saber Fencing for Kids". This book is written to help kids gain confidence through better understanding of the game. It teaches to respect, but not fear the opponent. It gives clarity to novice fencers and their parents. It is available on AMAZON and Absolute Fencing Gear (world's top fencing brand)

saber fencing for kids
kids win fencing medals
Average medal cost $2.75. Winning one - PRICELESS!

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